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Our facilities

Here at Wendover Heights Equine we have a fully equipped clinic which incorporates a treatment room with stocks, a knock down box and theatre, five stables and two turnout paddocks for in-patients and day cases. Our experienced team of vets and nurses will make sure your horses are well looked after and their stay is comfortable. Our stables are also equipped with CCTV, so we can keep a close eye on horses that are staying with us overnight.

We have facilities for lameness and neurological examinations including a concreted trot up area, slope and hard lunge area. Our examination room has a rubber floor (preventing slipping), heat lamps and stocks. Stocks allow our vets to examine your horse safely and can also be used for standing surgical procedures and stud work.

We have a fully padded knock-down box and surgical theatre available for elective surgical procedures requiring a general anaesthetic.  Most routine surgical procedures can be carried out by our own vets but we always prioritise the best care for your horse – so for more complex cases we will refer to the expertise of specialist equine surgeons. We have excellent relationships with nearby referral hospitals, and their surgeons are happy to visit our premises to perform elective surgeries as and when required. Emergency surgical cases are referred to specialist hospitals in order to provide the highest quality care, expertise and round the clock monitoring.


If you would like a guided tour of our clinic and stables please do get in touch.